Dealing With Automotive Maintenance Myths

Truth or Consequences: Dealing with Automotive Maintenance Myths – North Side Service Center

Long time running game show, ‘Truth or Consequences’ peaked its popularity in the 1960s. Contestants had to answer a trivia question within two seconds, which was always some unanswerable off-the-wall question or a bad joke. If the contestant could not answer the “Truth” portion, they would have to face the “Consequences”, which was either extremely silly or embarrassing. While Truth or Consequences was great TV entertainment, the same cannot be said for maintaining your vehicle. That’s why at North Side Service Center in Elkhart, IN we believe in honest, reputable service. You should always have accurate information, or know the “Truth” about car care. We will provide you with accurate information, and debunk those myths, to keep money in your pocket for unnecessary “Maintenance”, which could be the Consequence.

Common Misconceptions

While it’s accurate that preventive maintenance services greatly extend the life of your vehicle and prevent untimely major repairs. The misinformation about certain points of service can be overwhelming. For instance, a myth we often hear is that you should change your oil every 3,000 miles. Although changing your oil often may apply for classic engines or vehicles that operate under extreme conditions, but this is not the case for modern engines. Motor oils are designed to retain their protective properties which means less oil changes. Another myth we often hear passed down from one generation to the next, is to you should always warm up your engine before you drive. This may be true for older models, but newer engines with modern technology warm up engines quickly, crushing the myth of needing to warm up your engine. In actuality, most mechanics recommend driving your vehicle as soon as you start it. A similar myth that gets passed along, is that you should splurge on premium gasoline. For many car owners, this is not true. If your car doesn’t require “Premium”, go with regular.

Another incorrect assumption is that proper tire inflation is the number displayed on the sidewall of each tire. This is false. The number on your tire denotes what the maximum safe pressure is, not the optimal inflation. You should refer to the owner’s manual for the proper pound-force per square inch, otherwise known as PSI. Another common tire myth, are the treads. We har that you must get your tire replaced when your tread is 2/32. This holds true if you want to hold traction, particularly in wet weather. Then 2/32 is the bare minimum. We also hear inaccuracies about changing transmission fluid every 50,000-miles. In some cases you may want to change your transmission fluid more often. Then there’s the infamous myth that you waste gas when your A/C is on. Although it is true that your A/C uses gas, in reality, you waste more gas when your windows are down. There are many auto repair myths out there – such as needing to have your vehicle serviced by the dealership to preserve your warranty. Let a reputable repair shop such as ours, give you the facts, and get you back on the road!

We Don’t Play Games

Although we enjoy some forms of entertainment, we never play games with your vehicle. We believe our customers deserve accurate information, and no one should ever have to suffer the consequences for acting on misinformation. Our shop, North Side Service Center, has been in business since 1990 with a proven record of reputable service. We even guarantee our work with a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty. Give us a call 574.266.4573, or visit our shop at 140 Co Rd 6 W, in Elkhart, IN.

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