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Check Engine Light in Elkhart, IN

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“Not the check engine light!” You have no idea what that means, and you aren’t sure if you should even be driving the car. If your check engine light has made its presence known, stop worrying and bring your vehicle to North Side Service Center in Elkhart, Indiana. Located at 140 Co Road, our ASE certified technicians are great at diagnosing and repairing the problem that triggered the warning, getting you back on the road with confidence. Give us a call at 574-266-4573 to schedule an appointment and say “lights out” to the check engine lamp.

What Is It & What Does It Mean?

Although the check engine light (also known as the malfunction indicator lamp/MIL or service engine soon lamp) seems to be a mystery to the motoring public, our trained mechanics know just what to do when you encounter this problem. The Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) system is designed to alert you to issues before they become greater trouble for your car and/or the environment. Technicians can connect your auto to their OBD-II reader to obtain a trouble code. Contrary to what you might think, the code points the expert in the right direction, but it does not typically tell the mechanic exactly what to do. The mechanic still has to troubleshoot to find and correct the exact issue, making experience and training particularly important. Common problems that cause the warning include a bad catalytic converter, faulty wiring and/or spark plugs, ignition coil problems, a faulty mass airflow sensor, a vacuum leak, an oxygen sensor gone bad, or even a loose gas cap.

Goodbye, Check Engine Light!

If your vehicle’s check engine light has come on, you don’t have to panic. First, you can make it to the repair shop without the car, leaving you stranded beside the road. Second, when you arrive at North Side Service Center, we will be able to diagnose the issue as well as your overall car health, saving you time and money as we fix the underlying problem(s). Although the indicator light’s appearance is not usually an emergency, you should not ignore it and continue driving long term. The lamp does indicate some source of trouble. Failure to address it can lead to poor performance, decreased fuel mileage, and possibly greater damage over time. Therefore, it is actually less expensive to correct the problem sooner rather than later. The trouble code often indicates an issue with the exhaust system and emissions. Indiana requires bi-annual inspections to ensure that your auto meets standards, and your car will not pass with the presence of a related issue and an illuminated check engine light. If your car is telling you it needs help, call us at 574-266-4573 to schedule an appointment. You can trust us to help you say, “Goodbye, check engine light!”

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