The Top Routine Auto Maintenance Services

Preventive Maintenance Services: Do They Really Matter?

It’s tempting to put off or even skip preventive maintenance services. You may feel as if you can save a little money by stretching out the recommended schedule, or maybe you even wonder, “Do those services really matter?” Yes, they matter! Automobiles are expensive, so you probably want to keep yours on the road and running reliably for a long time. As it turns out, the way to do this is through a solid plan of maintenance. What’s more, the smaller investment in routine services often prevents or greatly delays more expensive repairs. Now that you know, let North Side Service Center in Elkhart, Indiana, help you with routine services and auto repairs.

How Preventive Auto Maintenance Services Make a Difference

One of the best things you can do for your car is change the oil and filter regularly. Oil holds dirt away from the metal parts which prevents corrosion and damage. Also, it absorbs and carries away heat. Most importantly, it lubricates the moving metal parts, preventing catastrophic engine failure due to friction. If oil is allowed to age beyond its useful life, it cannot properly protect your vehicle’s engine. Your owner’s manual will outline the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule. If you drive under extreme conditions, let us help you develop an appropriate schedule. Also, monitor all fluids, topping them off as necessary. This includes the coolant needed to protect parts from overheating and warping, brake fluid that’s essential to the hydraulic force needed for braking, and power steering fluid. Further, keep a check on your tires. They need a sufficient amount of tread to maintain proper traction. 2/32″ is the absolute safe minimum, but you may need more depending upon road conditions. Also, make sure you don’t see any sidewall cracking or anomalies that could lead to a blow-out. If you see uneven wear–some spots worn more than others–you need to have your car’s wheel alignment checked. If the wheels are out of alignment, the problem won’t get better on its own. Finally, never ignore your brakes. Have your brakes inspected at least once per year, and know the warning signs of trouble such as squealing when you depress the brake pedal, new or worsening vibration when you brake, or a burning smell.

Assistance with Vehicle Maintenance

While you shouldn’t ignore or avoid routine vehicle maintenance, you don’t have to be intimidated by the tasks. North Side Service Center can assist you with keeping your car roadworthy so that you are safe and your vehicle is likely to last a long time.

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